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Bill Cassimis - owner

Bill was influenced by his Step-father and Grandfather who had both worked their way up into corporate positions in the Refrigeration Wholesale Industry.  Being curious he was intrigued listening to them talk about the science and mechanical aspects of the trade. In 2010 he signed up for the HVAC program at VIU immediately upon finishing Secondary school.  He started his career on Vancouver Island and then moved to the Lower Mainland to finish his apprenticeship.

In 2013 Bill started at Enviroware Projects as an apprentice and gained a wealth of knowledge under the mentorship of John, the founder of the company.  He completed his apprenticeship and upon attaining his Journeyman and Gas B Ticket, decided to get experience with industrial sized equipment up north in the Oil Fields where he worked for 2 years . 


He then returned to the Lower Mainland and Enviroware Projects in 2017. He has worked in the HVAC industry for 11 years. Throughout his career he has had the opportunity to work with various industries including:  Commercial Supermarket, Industrial Oil Field HVAC, Marine, and also Domestic and Commercial clients in refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation projects.

Bill always knew that he wanted his own business and in 2019 when he and Tri were presented with the opportunity to purchase, he knew that this was indeed an honour to continue the legacy that John built over the years with Enviroware Projects.  It’s important to Bill that the company maintains the high level of service that the company was known for.  He sees a great future for Enviroware Projects. 

“We are very excited that we have the opportunity to continue to provide the excellent service we are known for in the Greater Vancouver Area, and build upon that for many years to come“.


-Bill Cassimis

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Tri Nguyen - owner

At a young age Tri already had an aptitude for understanding mechanics, so deep down he knew his career was going to involve the fixing and maintenance of something. 


His father was a Refrigeration Mechanic/Handyman in Vietnam and that sparked his interest in the HVAC industry.

Tri completed the HVAC & Refrigeration co-op program at BCIT in 2004 and then started his apprenticeship at Enviroware Projects with John as his Journeyman.

In 2009 Tri graduated top of his class and received his Refrigeration TQ and Gas B ticket. While working at Enviroware he attended night school to attain his Class A ticket in 2014.


In 2018 Tri left Enviroware to start his own business. Shortly afterward he was presented with the opportunity to buy the very company where he started his HVAC career, instinctively knowing that this was an opportunity that he couldn’t let pass by.


In 2019 Tri and Bill entered into a joint partnership and bought Enviroware Projects to continue on the legacy that John started.

 “We couldn’t be happier with this decision and are very excited to be serving the Greater Vancouver Area with all of its HVAC needs!”

-Tri Nguyen

our history

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john w. tonge -founder

Enviroware Projects was founded in 2001 by John W. Tonge. John taught everything he knew to his apprentices Tri and Bill whom he eventually sold the business too in 2019.

 “It was my utmost pleasure to serve the Greater Vancouver Area for the past two decades. I couldn’t have passed the Enviroware torch onto two better successors than Tri and Bill.”


“Vancouver, you are in good hands!“

John W. Tonge

our partners

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